Church will be the death of us all!

There I said it, I stand behind it, and although I’m not ready to quit, I really want too sometimes.

I guess if you took the people out of the church, it wouldn’t be so bad. And not all of the people either, just the arrogant, prideful, gossiping, hypocritical, back-biting, lazy, lethargic, apathetic, self-righteous people. That would make the church really nice to attend. Of course I realize I would not be able to attend this church. But I have an idea for the church that would revolutionize the way we have services and classes.

Introducing the brand new, innovating, life-changing, attitude changing  Church Mood Enhancer 3000! How this little gadget works is so simple you’ll be amazed you didn’t think of it first and envious that you won’t be making all the profits of it either! Here’s a brief summary of how it works:

As you approach the church doors you step into a small cubicle where you will be asked a series of 5 questions to determine your attitude for the day. As you proceed to walk out of the cubicle and enter the church building, you will be enlightened with one of three, yes three, possible encouragement/mood changing methods.

Method one: A swift kick in the butt. Didn’t you read Rick Warren’s book? It’s not about you, get over it.

Method two: A swift kick in the butt and a handshake. Again, It’s not about you but we want you to know there’s no hard feelings.

Method three: A swift kick in the butt, stomping on your toes, and boinking you in the eyes. Once again it’s not about you, and we want you to know that if you don’t see it our way we’re going to torture you until you do.

Ok seriously, I didn’t mean to get off subject like that.

When did the church become about us. Talking with several people yesterday it was me, me, me. I don’t like this, I don’t want to change, I don’t like sister ________, I don’t think it should be done this way, … In the words of Charlie Brown AAAGGHHHH!! Good Grief!!!

As long as there are people in the church, it will continue to be frustrating. But we also can’t say that we love Jesus and hate His wife (the church). I am continuing to pray for understanding and patience, but also wisdom and knowledge as I follow and lead within the church.

 So I will see you next sunday at church. If you can’t find me look for me at the front of the line, first to enter the Church Mood Enhancer 3000, where I will be served  a trio medley!


About Chuck Mullis

I am the husband of Valerie and the father of Russell & Hannah. I am a self-employed contractor living in rural North Carolina as well as an ordained Southern Baptist Minister serving Living Water Baptist Church.

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