Alter Calls are not usually a topic of heated discussion. As I’m sure it will be discussed later in the blog, does the use of an altar call negate our belief in God’s election?Are the people who are going to be saved going to be saved regardless of an altar call? Is an altar call necessary for those who have heard God’s word and want an opportunity to respond? How about removing the altar call/invitation from the order of service? I often feel like altar calls tend to be begging sessions; the invitations that last 30 minutes and are a sermon in and of themselves. How does your church do altar calls/invitations? This is an important subject to me, because how you close out a message from God’s word, should ultimately give you the opportunity to respond to HIs Word, but are altar calls the way to proceed? What do you think?


Click on this link and watch the video entitled “Should we use altar calls?

About Chuck Mullis

I am the husband of Valerie and the father of Russell & Hannah. I am a self-employed contractor living in rural North Carolina as well as an ordained Southern Baptist Minister serving Living Water Baptist Church.

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  1. Chuck's Dad says:

    When I was in my junior year of bible college my systematic theology professor was absent one night and asked me to fill in and election was the topic of the evening. In between classes a discussion broke out in the commons and I became the recipient of attacks and back slaps. Finally toward the end of this discussion a young pastor spoke up and poised these questions; “I believe what the bible teaches concerning election, but how do I give an invitation when I preach? If I believe this doctrine am I being deceptive to plead with people to make a public commitment? Immediately everyone involved in the discussion turned and looked at me. I asked him, “If I give you an altar call that is true to election and the responsibility of man for a public confession will you embrace the truth?” He nodded in agreement. I said, “This morning I have shared the desire of God’s heart for you in this message from His Word. If there is anything in you that stirs you or seems to compel you to commit your life to the gospel, then I invite you to come forward and we will explore the subject. This compulsion may be the Spirit of God calling you into a relationship with the Father through the Son.” When I had finished the pastor looked at me and said, “Good enough.” I always let the congregation know that the altar call is not the only time to come to God. If you do give an invitation be sure you let people know that this time is only one opportunity. There are 23 other hours and six other days where one may publically confess Jesus as Lord.

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