**Sigh**…When  I think about our lesson last night that’s all I can do. **(Big) Sigh*depressed1Last night our lesson was still on the issue of dating, but it was to take a more serious look at a dangerous side of dating, or rather “not dating”. We focused on how the American system of dating has left  people lonely, left-out, depressed, and suicidal. Not to say that there is no self-blame, but the desire to want to fit in, look good enough and generally just be “desirable” to the opposite sex is a real problem caused by our culture’s perspective of dating.

The problem with last night’s lesson however was trying to get them to take things serious. Obviously teenagers who are like the one we talked about last night don’t really exist. People don’t cut themselves or stay in alcoholic/drug induced stages to curb the pain of rejection or unpopularity. Girls don’t starve themselves or eat diet pills like skittles, to try and fit in. Teens don’t cut their wrists,  OD on sleeping pills, or put pistols in their mouth because they don’t feel loved. No that stuff doesn’t happen, maybe only on TV.

One thing that drives me nuts about living in a small rural town is the idea that these kind of things don’t happen here. The truth is, because of the close knit community, everyone is just better at hiding it.

Am I making too big of a deal out of it, or are our teens just too desensitized or apathetic to real issues that kids are facing nowadays? I guess what really bothers me is their response to someone in this state. Their response on how to give a person advice or comfort, who is in a depressed, rejected state was to say “suck it up and quit whining!”

What about the love of Jesus? What about having compassion for your neighbors? What about about praying for them with them and letting them know you care? What about taking your concerns to an adult and making them aware of the situation so that the kid can get some help and not waste their life by destroying it?

What frustrates me is the fact that I have been teaching these kids for 4 years now. I know they know the “answers”, but little has impacted their heart.  Our culture is apathetic and desensitized and our youth are products of our culture. The parents of our youth haven’t been much help either. While we do have some in our churches whose parents are raising them in the admonition of the Lord, the majority of today’s youth have been left to the church to raise and teach. And the church has been more  focused on entertaining our youth and growing the size of the youth group instead of making disciples.( He says as he quickly descends from the soapbox with a conviction in his heart)

I love “my kids” enough that I want them to be better Christians than I could ever be and I want to see them grow up with a heart and passion for Jesus. If that means teaching them about dating, so be it.


About Chuck Mullis

I am the husband of Valerie and the father of Russell & Hannah. I am a self-employed contractor living in rural North Carolina as well as an ordained Southern Baptist Minister serving Living Water Baptist Church.

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  1. Chuck's Dad says:

    Dear Frustrated,
    Don’t measure the influence of what you are doing based on what you see. When you teach the principles of God’s Word there is always the effect that God desires. That is His promise to us in Isaiah 55. I seem to remember decades of doing the right thing and teaching these principles to a young man who now calls me almost daily and our main conversation is centered on Christ and what He is doing in our lives and for most of those first two decades I wondered if it was getting through. Remember A.J.’s call last Thanksgiving? I was his boss for three years and did not see the result and then six years later we get his call. Keep doing it! Not because you get results. But because “Faithful is He who has called you, He will bring it to pass.”

  2. Chuck Mullis says:

    thank’s for the encouragement! I am since over my pity party and looking forward to teaching those numbskulls once again.

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