From Mark Dever’s Blog on March 19th

“I have many dear paedo-baptists friends from whom I have learned much. Yet I see their practice as a sinful (though sincere) error from which God protects them by allowing for inconsistency in their doctrinal system, just as he graciously protects me from consistency with my own errors.”

That statement, much to my surprise, has caused concern among some.  That a Baptist thinks infant baptism is wrong was no news to earlier generations of paedobaptists.  Today, it seems to be a surprise.  Now, the truth is out, all of these years, I have been cooperating with those I take to be sinners–Ligon Duncan, Peter Jensen, Phillip Jensen, Philip Ryken, J. I. Packer and many others too numerous to name–sinners specifically on this point of infant baptism.  I have been speaking with them at conferences, having them as friends, reading their books, learning from them and inviting them to preach in our congregation, even as I happily preach in theirs.  Indeed, several paedobaptist ministers even have articles in that same 9Marks e-journal.

Some may think that such a “wrong” should not be called a sin.  I understand a sin to be disobedience to God (regardless of intent).  When I read Numbers 15:29-30 and Hebrews 9:7 I certainly see that Scripture presents some sins as being deliberate, and others as being unintentional.  I certainly do not think my paedobaptist brethren are intentionally sinning in this.  In fact, they even think that they are obeying God so, short of them changing their understanding of the Bible’s teaching on this, I can’t expect any “repentance,” because they lovingly but firmly disagree with the Baptist understanding of this.

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About Chuck Mullis

I am the husband of Valerie and the father of Russell & Hannah. I am a self-employed contractor living in rural North Carolina as well as an ordained Southern Baptist Minister serving Living Water Baptist Church.

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  1. blendedworship says:

    Hey, brother!

    I struggled through baptismal issues for years. A book that really helped me was “Baptism: the Water that Divides”. I don’t recall the two authors, but one is a Baptist, and the other is an Anglican. So, your post really intrigued me.

    I heard this amazing sermon back almost a year ago, and I just wanted to share this, a different perspective – from a covenantal perspective… From the Church of the Apostles in Hope Mills, NC (

    In His Peace…

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