sbc2What words come to mind when you hear “Southern Baptist Convention”? Is it an association with comfort, safety, and belonging, or do you begin to spew forth negative thoughts and unintelligible mutterings?

Thom Rainer recently did a mini survey on Twitter and asked what people associated with the phrase “Southern Baptist Convention”. He got quite an interesting response:

Legalism, Controlling, Fights, Legalists, Hellfire and brimstone, Pharisees, Fried chicken, Don’t drink, Women who can’t wear pants, Disney boycott, Cooperative Program, Banjos, Adrian Rogers, Fundamentalism, Passion, Missions,Conservative, Conservative, Strategic, Bickering,  Pharisees, Piano, organ, and robes, Irrelevant, Boycotts, Vacation Bible School, Legalism, Becoming more Reformed, Narrow-minded, Fond memories, sad memories, Legalistic, Awesome dinners, Suits and dresses, Old school, traditional worship, Not real, Legalism, Behind the times, Extreme conservatism, Crazy people, Restricted missionaries, Very legalistic, Bible-believing, More about what you’re against, Jesus followers, Southerner, Swiss Army Knife – all blades open, Evangelizing, Loving yet legalistic, Biblical, Welcoming only to some, Socially relevant,  Talk but does not walk missional, Deacon, Legalists, Introduced me to Jesus Christ, Safe, Southern,  Don’t understand spiritual gifts, Slavery, Country, Evangelism, Fundamentalist sect,Missions, Tradition, Strength, Legalism, Potential for maximum impact, Small, rural churches, Potential for complete irrelevancy, Easy believism, Inerrancy, Gospel overshadowed by politics, Inerrancy, Fighting, Uptight, Legalistic, Legalism, Passionate about holiness, Staunch, Stuffy holy rollers, Unwavering, Traditionalists, Fundamentalist, Lost the next generation, Hellfire and damnation, Old traditions, Too limited, Close minded, Self-righteous over grace, Hymns, pipe organs, choir, Antiquated, Don’t let God move, Pharisees, Legalism, Name that needs changing, Fights
Missions, Controlling, Baptist from the South, Younger generation desires reform, Relationship with Christ, Cooperation for missions, Baptisms, Missions,Tradition, Cooperative Program,Love, Contrast of old and new, My grandmother, Fried chicken, Solid doctrine, Worldwide missions, Inerrancy, Sunday school, Tradition, Bible, Disney boycott, More negative than positive, Old people, Conservative, Pipe organs, Biblical, In-fighting, Evangelistic, Tradition, Family connections, Legalism, Blind about miracles, Lottie Moon, No drinking, Rich in past, not in future, Don’t know water turned to wine, Fundamentalists, Fellowships, Legalism, Fried chicken and 3 desserts, Men in suspenders, Controlling, Right doctrine, Don’t trust laity, Missionaries, Business meetings, Other Baptists, Legalistic, Name that needs changing, Inefficient.

As you can tell there were a vast amount of responses, and what really seems to bother me the most is that 60% of them are negative.


About Chuck Mullis

I am the husband of Valerie and the father of Russell & Hannah. I am a self-employed contractor living in rural North Carolina as well as an ordained Southern Baptist Minister serving Living Water Baptist Church.

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  1. Chuck's Dad says:

    Jesus told us not to be amazed if we are hated for his name’s sake. If these negative comments are because of the SBC’s stand for the gospel 60% is low. If it is because of the way we represent the gospel rather than the gospel itself it is indeed too high. If you spelled ‘polls’ p-o-l-e I would say the fishing depends on the bait. Or plainly put how did you ask the question.

  2. docdeer says:

    Interesting way to conduct a survey. Some of the negatives bother me more than others. We seemingly have our work cut out for us. Thanks for the post.

  3. Joy says:

    Ok – I like the “suits and dresses” and “fried chicken and 3 desserts” comments. 🙂

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