I’m not one for watching award shows, especially when it comes to crude and overtly sexual overtoned award shows like the VMA’s on MTV or even the kid’s choice awards on Nickelodeon. Thankfully I have Jonathon McKee to do it for me.

I posted an article a few weeks ago from Jonathon’s site on What Kids Really Want. Jonathon’s site is a great source for finding out what teenagers are into, listening to, watching on TV and movies, and generally wading through the muck of pop culture so parents, youth workers and (even some responsible teenagers) don’t have to.

Below is an excerpt of his rundown on the MTV VMA awards that aired Sunday night. I would highly reccommend that you go to his site to read the whole article.

We live in a world of acronyms and abbreviations, most of which carry significant meaning. Almost everyone knows what ASAP, VIP, AWOL, and NFL stands for. But when it comes to MTV, there’s some confusion about what that “M” actually represents.

“M,” As In…

This past weekend, MTV aired its 27th annual Video Music Awards show (aka, the VMAs). The self-proclaimed “biggest night of the year” is usually a gathering of the latest and hottest celebrity music makers who provide millions of viewers with a glimpse of their personality…and sexuality.

In large part, MTV’s 2010 VMAs stuck with that unoriginal game plan. Sadly, this award show is both a reflection of today’s pop culture and a prediction of where pop culture is headed (I, Jonathan, talked a little more about this in my blog today).

However, after watching this year’s VMAs, we began to wonder “What does the “M” in MTV actually stand for?” Once upon a time, the “M” in MTV stood for Music, as in Music Television. But during the live show on Sunday night, we began to think the “M” stood for “mute-button.” (Yes, once again, MTV pushed the limits in all areas, including foul language that required “bleeping.”)

If you’re familiar with the programming of MTV, and more specifically the VMAs, you might have your own suggestions as to what the “M” in MTV stands for. Based on what I saw at the 2010 MTV VMAs, I have three guesses.

Read the rest.


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I am the husband of Valerie and the father of Russell & Hannah. I am a self-employed contractor living in rural North Carolina as well as an ordained Southern Baptist Minister serving Living Water Baptist Church.

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