Governor Rick Perry just signed into law a bill that requires women seeking an abortion to have a sonogram before going through with the procedure. The law also requires a 24-hour wait period between the sonogram and the abortion.

As you can imagine, pro-abortion legislators are not happy about the law. The Associated Press reports:

Women will be offered the option of hearing the heartbeat and seeing the sonogram image, which they may decline. But the woman’s doctor must describe the image, explaining the size of the embryo or fetus and the presence of organs and limbs…

Opponents of the legislation said the requirement would be traumatizing to women going through an already difficult situation.

Yes, I imagine an abortion is a life altering decision for her and her baby. But in this day and age when the “public” has a right to know everything, don’t you find it odd that certain public health providers don’t want you to know the truth?

Denny Burk contributes to this statement:

The opponents are certainly right. I suspect that it will indeed be traumatizing for a mother to come face to face with the humanity of the unborn child that she intends to have killed. But wouldn’t the alternative be worse? Wouldn’t it be worse to keep these mothers in the dark about the humanity of their babies? How can any serious person suggest that that would be better to cover it up? Yet that is exactly the position that the pro-abortionists are in.

HT: Denny Burk


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